Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This is Who We Are:

High School of Language and Innovation [HSLI]

There it is. The name is now out there.

And now, finally, for part II of the interview with Principal Julie Nariman. Yes, her name is out there now, too.

What is HSLI's major goal for the 2012-2013 school year?

"Making every student twice as independent as they were when they started."
For teachers, "Every teacher would be a competent teacher of another teacher learning Learning Cultures."

[Editor's Note: Learning Cultures is the guide our school employs in structuring its foundational formats, such as Unison Reading time, independent work time, and student share time each period of every school day.]

How will HSLI implement the new federal Common Core learning standards?

A New York State visitor said last year: "He'd never seen Common Core implemented to such a degree as here...I think we're doing the Common Core, 3-5 elements per Unison Reading session. We need to improve alignment more between writing standards and practices."

"Being a Learning Cultures principal is fun and delightful. It's the most fun job I've ever had in my life."


In today's daily Common Planning period for teachers, Principal Nariman stated succinctly how for "millennia teachers have been the holders of knowledge. Now, little HSLI" is upending that entire history.
The base--students--are becoming the new holders of knowledge at least to the degree that teachers are.